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Lego Is Still One Of The Kings Of Kids Toys

Child development has always been a very important part of each child's upbringing. Parents want their children to grow, learn, and have fun while they learn. A lot of children's toys can help boys and girls develop. This is not to say that parents should not be involved in the development. Often times, parents will buy learning toys for their little boys and girls and they let the toys teach their children. Granted, a lot of toys can teach children many skills, but the parents should remain involved in each step. Who knows, this might be just as fun for the parents as it is for the children. Children seem to learn faster and show less emotional stress if the parent stays involved in each step of the learning process. Parents can choose some of the same children's toys to be used by boys or girls, having the same results, but statistics do show that boys learn at a different rate than girls. Some companies have boy's toys and girl's toys. Each toy is for a different stage of learning and for different age gr...


9 Tips for Safe and Rapid Shopping for Toys Online - Read it or Weep!

Shopping for toys online comes around Christmas time, although there are plenty of other times when you check out what sales are online because you are pressed for time or have limited access to an actual store. The great thing about shopping online is that you do not have to take your children to the store with you when you go.I have roughly 25 nieces and nephews; yes I come from a huge family. I work a full-time job and don't have a lot of time to shop. I take full advantage of shopping for toys online. I have a lot of fun looking over all of the neat things that are out there for kids today.I utilize online stores quite often, especially when I'm on the hunt for toys. Toys shopping during the holidays is more painful than pulling teeth.If I had physically gone around purchasing them, I would have had to travel all over the world, because some of the toys came from other countries. One little tip, be sure you order your toys in enough time to receive the delivery for you to wrap them up for Christmas or...


Educational Toys Are Good... But Don't My Children Need Some Toys Just For Fun?

Okay, so this opinion might not be the most popular. But please, don't crucify me. I'm a good dad. I got my kids all the toys my wife found to help the kids' "development." You know, educational toys. The kind you have to drive twenty miles out of your way to tiny store in a strip mall in West Nowhere to find, or order from some obscure catalog or website based in Canada. And believe me, I'm glad my kids have things like mini computers that teach spelling and math, crystal-growing science project kits, memory games, puzzle cubes and problem-solving computer CD-ROMs. But I sometimes wonder, when I see those toys strewn all over the living room floor, abandoned and neglected while Katie and little Mitch are sticking balls of Silly Putty in their ears, maybe kids should have some toys just for fun and nothing else? After all, when I was a kid we didn't have all this stuff. We had little red wagons and toy cowboy pistols. We had Lincoln Logs, Matchbox cars, building blocks and our imaginations. I can remember a...


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