Some Toy Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Toys are a part of any child's growing-up years. They not only allow your kid to have fun, but they can also foster learning and creativity, depending on the kind of toy that you provide them with. Your kids will often ask you to buy them new toys. As much as you want them to enjoy their years as kids. you will also need to consider the kind of toys that you will be giving them.

You should consider providing them with toys that foster learning and creativity. However, each child may have different preferences when it comes to the toy they want. It is also important that you provide them with a toy that they love and is suitable for their age group. Toddlers are curious to have any kind of toy. They should have a toy which fosters learning and fun. If your kids are in the age range of 5 to 7 years old, they might ask for toys specific for "boys" or "girls". While older children would want to have more challenging games to play with.

Toy ideas for your toddler

At this stage, your kid is quite active and would love to enjoy their toys. This stage is also when they are most eager to learn different things. They would appreciate any kind of toy, so take advantage of this by providing them with toys that have educational value and can foster creativity. Toys such as Lego blocks or Play Dough can be quite suitable for them. These toys can allow them to make things from their imaginations. At the same time, they can learn different things, like shapes, different animals, etc. depending on the set that you provide them with.

Aside from blocks and Play dough, you may also want to consider providing your toddlers with books that have electronic voice feature. This can help them learn how to read and at the same time enjoy the story.

Toy ideas for kids 5 to 7 years of age

Kids at this age would ask for toys that are specific for "boys" or "girls". If you have a little girl, then toys like doll house and dolls can be perfect for her. This can allow her to be crafty in making furniture and clothes for her dolls, as she pretends to be like mom. Other toys and crafts that represent household activities and such are perfect for girls.

Boys on the other hand would be perfect with action figures or video games. With action figures depicting their favorite superhero or soldiers, they can create their own action scenes. Most boys start to collect their favorite action figures at this age.

Toy ideas for pre-teen kids

At this age, children will like to have more challenging games and toys to play with. To satisfy their craving, you can provide them with games like puzzles, board games, etc. which require them to think. They can play these games with their friends or even with you, stimulating both social skills as well as their thinking capabilities.


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